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3 Side Of Garage Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping can really boost the curb appeal of your home. Walkways, patios, flower beds - they all add great focal points and beauty to your yard. The front and back yard are the most obvious places for modifications, but there are other spots, like near your garage, that can have a big impact. Even if this space next to your garage is narrow or sloping, we have three side of garage landscaping ideas that will boost the overall attractiveness of your home.

side of garage landscaping

Challenges Of Garage Landscaping

Maybe you’ve considered adding landscaping to the side of your garage before but quickly dismissed it. Many garages have hard or compacted soil nearby or the space is very narrow or even sloped. In this situation, a One Shot Shovel comes in handy. At the same time, these structures aren’t always aesthetically pleasing. They can be very plain, without windows or other exterior features that are on the rest of the house. It’s for this very reason that you should landscape the side of your garage. It helps break up the big, blank space and incorporates some focus for the eye.

3 Ideas That Work On The Side of Your Garage 

Now that you can see why landscaping the side of your garage is a great idea, you’ll want to explore ideas that will work. After determining your hardiness zone and the amount of sunshine the area gets, selecting plants is easy. While there are many landscaping options beyond these, we’ve picked three that are versatile for just about any space, big or small, near your garage:

Tough Perennials

Blooming perennials offer endless possibilities for color from spring to fall. Coreopsis, Daylilies, Sedum, Hosta, and Coneflower are some great choices. Plant them in flower beds, pots or boxes. Having a green thumb is not a requirement for these hardy plants.

Flowering Trellises

Add a trellis or two and plant climbing vines for gorgeous character. Again, there are many varieties to choose from, such as Jasmine, Wisteria, or climbing roses.


There are a variety of evergreen shrubs that can add low maintenance color. Depending on your hardiness zone, there are some that are particularly resistant to dry soil conditions. Boxwood, Daphne, Euonymus, and Camellia are especially tough.

Make The Side Of Your Garage Beautiful With Landscaping

These three side of garage landscaping ideas are an easy way to tie your landscaping design together and add curb appeal to your home. Make the side of your garage beautiful with some hardy plants that can add fragrance and color with minimal effort. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make.

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