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Greenhouse Shelving Ideas

A greenhouse is a great way to grow plants during the winter and to start new plants for spring and summer gardens. They stay warm year round by collecting sunlight and protect plants from the damaging elements.

Whether you have a big or small greenhouse, you’ll want to optimize your space. A great start is with the Rack Assassin Tool Caddy. This can be done with hooks and hanging pots, but you’re also going to want shelves. There are so many creative and economical greenhouse shelving ideas. All you need to do is pick the ones that best suit your particular space.

greenhouse shelving ideas

Maximizing Greenhouse Space

If you have a small greenhouse, making the most of your space is important so you can fit everything you need. Even the biggest greenhouses require organization to be effective and efficient. Hanging pots and hooks from the walls and ceiling allows you to use every inch of room for vertical gardening.

Arranging your greenhouse into zones based on heat and sunlight needs can also be helpful. Make sure watering cans, potting soil, and other tools are easily accessible. Lastly, having a variety of sturdy shelving will provide space for preparation, potting, staging and storage.

Ideas For Shelving

Shelving is important because it serves many purposes. For the best use of space, you’ll want to take some measurements and have a clear idea of your greenhouse layout.

Here are some ideas to consider when selecting your shelves:

Designated Potting Shelf

At least one potting shelf is essential to every greenhouse. One with smooth surfaces will make for easy cleanup.


When selecting shelves, pick something that has holes for proper air circulation and drainage. Sitting water is not good for plants and can breed pests or disease.

Moving Shelves

Consider freestanding shelves on wheels for added flexibility. Wheels allow for rearranging as plant and space needs change.

Adjustable Shelves

Choose shelving that can be adjusted to different heights. It will make storage easy and versatile.


Whatever you invest in, make sure it’s durable but lightweight. Well-made shelves are those that are built to last. After all, you’re going to be counting on them to hold a lot at times.

Adding Shelves To Your Greenhouse Is A Great Idea

Shelves are a necessity in any greenhouse and selecting the right ones for your space and plant needs can make a huge difference. These greenhouse shelving ideas will help you optimize your space and contribute to the ease and success of your plants. Turn your greenhouse into an organized, productive space today.

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