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How To Prepare Your Trees For Spring

When spring is on the way, it’s easy to get excited about nice weather and getting back to your lawn and gardens. While people anxiously prepare their yard for spring and ground landscaping by using tools like, the Root Assassin Shovel many forget that trees need proper care as well. Just as there is preparation you can do for your yard, there are also ways to prepare your trees for spring to ensure their health and successful growth.

Why Preparing Trees Is Important

We all want our yards and homes to look nice. Trees play an important role, not just aesthetically, but environmentally. They provide homes for birds and other creatures, they provide oxygen and shade, and they also prevent soil erosion. If trees are not properly cared for, they can become pest infested, lose large limbs which could damage nearby structures and even uproot. Taking care of our trees prevents disaster and keeps them looking healthy year round.

Steps For Spring Preparation

Preparing your trees is very similar to preparing your yard for spring. Most of it is simple maintenance, but a professional can help make sure things are done correctly if you need assistance. Following these tips will keep your trees happy and save you from unexpected expenses.

Water Trees

Water trees thoroughly, especially those near sidewalks, roads, or driveways that have been treated with salt over the winter. For young trees, water closely to the trunk. For older trees, water in a wider circle since the roots of the tree are much more established and farther away from the trunk.

Remove Branches and Limbs

Remove dead or damaged branches and limbs. Prune trees to maintain the right size and shape. This also ensures proper air flow and light for the tree.
Rake leaves and other debris surrounding the tree. This allows roots to do their job efficiently. While some leaves break down and aid in nutrition, others may carry disease or fungus.

Protect and Treat

Protect and treat trees from fungal diseases and pests. Have an arborist take a look at trees to determine and treat any problems as soon as possible.

Spread Mulch

Mulch around the base of trees. Mulch retains moisture, protects from scorching heat and prevents weeds. It also prevents equipment such as lawnmowers from inflicting damage to roots or tree trunks.

Prepare Your Trees So You Can Enjoy Spring

Now that you know how to prepare your trees for spring, you can get started on your own or contact a professional to schedule service. Spring growth and blooms are on the way and with proper care, you’ll be able to enjoy them without worry.

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