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About us

Our History

Root Assassin LLC first began in 2014. Its express purpose was to bring unique and efficient garden tools to the public. Additionally, the company conducts extensive research with industry professionals in the landscaping and irrigation industries as well as home garden hobbyists and “ weekend warriors”.  Moreover, the focus of our products is on combining the precise amount of quality, durability, utility, style, ergonomics and affordability. Finally, the first product introduced in February 2014 was the 4 foot Root Assassin shovel.  From that day on Root Assassin LLC was off and running.

Currently, the company is in the process of producing and evaluating complimentary garden tools. These tools will express the unique design, function and utility that our customers require. Root Assassin LLC is committed to re-thinking the garden tools of old and making garden work easy and fun for all.

But don’t let us tell you how our products work…just read the independent reviews we receive daily from all over the globe and try it for yourself.