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Best Ways to Clear Your Garden

Gardening season is here again and you’re ready to get started. The only problem is your garden looks more like an overgrown jungle. Facing a big mess is never fun and sometimes the challenge of where to begin is enough to not start at all. Luckily, we know exactly where to begin. Grab your gloves and get your root assassin rake ready. The best ways to clear your garden are no longer a mystery. We have them all right here.

Assess Your Garden

It’s always good to have a plan of attack before you start a big project. In this case, determining just how much clearing your garden needs is the first step. Are you able to identify weeds verses the plants you want to keep? Has anything truly survived besides weeds or grass? If there are things worth saving, then moving on to cleanup and salvaging will come next, but if all is lost, you may want to consider starting over.

clear your garden

Clear Your Garden

Once you have decided on salvaging or starting over, you can begin. If the edges of your garden have disappeared, redefining them is a good way to identify your boundaries so you’re working in a set space. Next, clear out all of the debris, dead material, and any decorations or objects other than plants. The next steps will depend on whether you’re starting over or salvaging.

If you’re starting over: There are a few different methods you can use to get rid of everything and start over. It all depends on your personal preference and how quickly you want things done. You can use a good weed killer or burner to get rid of whatever is left.

Or, you can use old carpet to cover the area. Once everything is yellow and limp or dead, it is much easier to pull out. Once you have the majority removed, you can till or pitchfork the soil to make a fresh bed.

If you’re salvaging: If you want to salvage some or all of the “good” plants, identify and remove them first. This will allow you to divide them accordingly if you wish and then replant strategically once the rest of your garden has been cleared.

Clear the rest of your garden by using a weed burner, weed killer or covering the remaining growth with old carpet or something similar. It will be easier to pull out once it’s dead. Afterward, you can till or pitchfork the soil so you have a fresh bed to work with.

Get Out And Enjoy Your Clear Garden

It’s so refreshing to have a clean, mulched garden to look at. The best ways to clear your garden can be easy. With some careful planning and a little patience, your garden will look beautiful again.

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